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Notary Services:

Need a notary, we always have one in office ready to help.

Fax, Copy & Print Services:

We can receive a fax for you or send one!

Printer stopped working, we can help you print or make a copy.

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Income tax service:
Worried about preparing your taxes?
Relax! With help from Texas Pay Less Tax Service, getting your federal and state tax returns finished and behind you does not have to be an ordeal. 
We file all state and federal, all years, and offer electronic filing to simplify the filing process. 
We offer a competitive, 'No Secrets' pricing system' that's almost always more affordable than the national chains. At the same time, we have office hours year-round ... unlike many of the chains, which don’t hesitate to board up their field offices nearly nine months a year!
We aim to provide you with precise tax advice that complies with all applicable federal and state laws, giving you the lowest legal tax bills and the highest legal tax refunds. We handle most income tax situations: individual, and small business.